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Corporate Wellness

AEWA is dedicated to working with businesses and corporations to co-create wellness initiatives that optimize the emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual health of executives, colleagues, and clientele. In doing, we can fashion health working spaces that empower authenticity, prioritize equanimity, and generate expansion. Contact us to see how we can support you in establishing you and your company as an AEWA Certified Wellness Organization! 

Executive Wellness Leadership Training

Schedule a call with our team to learn how our Executive Wellness Leadership Training can prepare your company leadership with the knowledge and tools necessary for creating an employee-first environment!

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Wellness Retreats, Workshops & Experiences

Schedule a call with our team to discover what tools, opportunities, and experiences we can offer to optimize your company culture!


AEWA Wellness Organization Certification

Schedule a call with our team to learn the what, how, and why behind applying for certification as an AEWA Wellness Organization member! 

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