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Meet Shanlee!

Conscious Parenting/Children’s Wellness Coach - Intuitive Empath - Divine Feminine/Inner Child Wellness Coach - Holy Fire® III Reiki Master Teacher (RMT) - National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT)

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My Story

Shanlee Apeiron is the Co-Founder/Co-Owner of Apeiron Eros Wellness Academy, alongside her husband, Bobby Apeiron, M.D. This wellness academy was established to empower self-mastery for anyone ready to embark upon a journey of lovely light, pure joy, and harmony, starting from within. Shanlee offers individual sessions and parent/child sessions, using Reiki and intuitive guidance, to help others on their spiritual journey of self-care, self-love, and self-discovery.


Shanlee is a National Board Certified elementary school teacher of 12 years, certified in STEM education and Women Studies. As she evolved from her own childhood traumas, she became an educator seeking to provide a safe haven for children’s minds to flourish, utilizing social and emotional learning techniques. Through her ever-evolving spiritual journey, Shanlee came to realize her true passion is nurturing and empowering the inner child within each of us, particularly children, parents, and women.


From 2020 onward, she recognized an extreme societal need for emotional regulation tools for both parent and child to use and empower self-love, which in turn creates space to share love with others. The pandemic put a strain on all relationships, including parents and children. Shanlee works to rebuild the bridge to communication between both parents and children, through individual and paired sessions, so families can thrive together and create a positive, loving relationship.


Shanlee also works to empower women by liberating their divine feminine in a divine masculine-dominated society. Through coaching empowerment and/or Reiki sessions, women can realign, recalibrate, and rejuvenate their inner-wellbeing, as Shanlee assists in rebalancing the divine feminine and masculine within each of us.


We are on a divine mission to create a world where everyone has the tools and opportunities to experience their own inner power. Connecting to and expressing this power within, is the only true way for world change to begin.


Publications: Monthly Color My Spirit Wellness E-Newsletter (February 11, 2023 - Present)

Additional Training & Awards: Shanlee became a Certified Usui/Holy Fire III Crystal Reiki Master Teacher in November 2022. Shanlee is a North Carolina Certified Teacher with a Master’s degree in Elementary STEM education, and National Board Certification in Middle Childhood Generalist. She is certified in Gifted and Talented Education, Guided Language Acquisition Design (GLAD) and Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol (SIOP), and Project-Based Learning (PBL) which offer tools to work with the whole child at each developmental stage, mentally, socially, ,and emotionally.  

Shanlee's Services

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