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About Us

We love. We heal. We empower. We transform.

Vision: accelerate the evolution and expansion of universal consciousness by healing, educating, inspiring and awakening the spirit of humanity, ultimately bringing Heaven to Earth.

Mission: to nourish, expand, and free the bodies, hearts, minds and souls of all people through education, experience, and community.

Our Story

Two Spiritual Journeys Unite For One Cause


A doctor and a teacher disillusioned by our professions set out with a common vision to revolutionize the very foundation of our society. We embarked on our mission once we began recognizing our own limiting beliefs and fractured psyches caused by trans-generational trauma,  and breaking old patterns that were confining us within the bounds of societal "norms".


As a collective society, we strive to operate as one entity by bringing anyone and everyone to share and heal from their personal obstacles. Through every healing story, another person is inspired to better themselves and create a healthier life, world, and universe.


We came from two separate backgrounds and merged their mirroring beliefs to help all reach this wellness mission through the Eros of Apeiron, infinite love.


Love for me. Love for you. Love for all. 

Our Partners

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